RSS Feeds and Blogs About Photography

rss_iconThe best way to keep track of news, blogs, and anything that's happening online is via rss feeds. Feeds are files that let you know when they've been updated. Meaning, if you have an rss reader, you can quickly see when your favorite sites (like the ACP blog!) have been updated, without having to visit each and every site. RSS readers aggregate online content into a manageable environment. Here are a few steps for keeping-up with rss feeds. 1. Choose a reader. In years past, I've used netvibes, bloglines, my yahoo, google homepage, and google reader. There are also standalone programs that run on your machine, like NetNewsWire. They all do the same thing, in different ways. Currently, I prefer Google Reader. 2. Subscribe to your favorite feeds. Many news sites & blogs use this graphic () to indicate where their feeds live. Look for "subscribe" links as well. The idea is to copy the location (the url) of the rss feed into your preferred rss reader - to "subscribe" your reader to a particular rss feed. Subscribe to ACP feeds: ACP Blog & ACP on flickr. If you want to dive-into the world of photography blogs, Magnum Photos lists a selection here: "It's a blog, blog world". ACP 9 Lecture Series Speaker, Alec Soth has/had a very popular blog, and the archives are well worth reading. 3. Read your feeds. All rss readers operate under the same premise; that you want to see new posts. The trick to managing all of your feeds is to diligently "mark as read" items you don't want to see anymore. Google Reader has keystroke commands for toggling through posts, which is useful. 4. Organize your feeds. Put your photography feeds in a folder, and your news feeds in a folder. This will save you time in the future, trust me.

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