Lumière & Yellowlees Noted in Photograph Magazine

Atlanta's Lumière Gallery and Bob Yellowlees are featured in "Eye On the Scene" by Joanna Lehan in Photograph Magazine for Jan/Feb '08.
Launched eight months ago, Lumière Gallery in Atlanta is going full steam. Lumiere's owner, Bob Yellowlees, is a collector who's served on the boards of several museums and non-profits. In addition to exhibiting and dealing in museum-quality prints by Kertesz, Edgerton, Lange, Siskind and Strand, he's been inviting artists and scholars from all over the country to present their work in conjunction with other area cultural organizations."
ACP will be collaborating with Lumière Gallery on January 24th at the Carter Center. Susbcribe (or refer to) the ACP Programs Calendar to keep up-to-date. We're hoping to bring an interview with Ketchum to the ACP blog in late January.

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