Atlanta, For Artists

Part of the mission of Atlanta Celebrates Photography is to create an international center for photography. There are a myriad of ways to achieve this, and one of the biggest challenges is to create, foster, and retain talented photographers right here in Atlanta. Cathy Fox has addressed this over on the ATLArts blog of the AJC, with "Is ATL a good place for artists?".
"Atlanta has other benefits. As my friend said, the cost of living compared to, say, New York — and that’s the operative comparison, isn’t it?— is much lower. So that artists can spend less time making ends meet and more time making art. And more time with family. That’s worth something.
The comment thread devolves, as it often does on the AJC blogs, but Cathy's is a question worth addressing, on a civic level, at the non-profit arts organization level, and by individuals like you and me.

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