Robert Glenn Ketchum Interview

Last Thursday, before Robert Glenn Ketchum's presentation at the Carter Center, ACP had the chance to sit down with him and find out more about his work. Ketchum has an exhibition at the Carter Center through April 13th, and his show will be at Lumiere Gallery through March 1st. This image is of a loom weaving that was four years in the making, a collaboration between Ketchum and the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute in China.

Press the pink play button to listen to the interview, in three parts.

Robert Glenn Ketchum Interview © "Loom Weaving", Robert Glenn Ketchum

On the 60s, Eliot Porter, Glen Canyon, advocacy, spiritual doors, the Hudson River.

On Alaska's importance, old-growth, legislation, living the adventure, embroideries, digital manipulation, collaboration, textures with textile, avant-garde schooling, photo-realistic textile, Hockney's rugs, Nixon, textile guilds and negative space.

Choose Joy, 2006
© "Choose Joy", Robert Glenn Ketchum, 2006

On how to turn reflected light on water (in a photograph) into a weaving.

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