Photoblogs, ATL and beyond

We like to keep a local focus on the Atlanta photographic community, but seeing that ACP Now! is a "photoblog", I thought I'd provide a few quick links to other photoblogs that create original content worth reading. Some are extremely popular, others are hidden gems.
  • If you like vintage cameras and printing techniques, check out
  • Peer inside the mind of a magazine photo editor at
  • Magnum Photos has their own blog and a lot of good subscribeable content, including this post, which points to many fine resources.
  • Heading East is run by Raul Guttierez from Brooklyn and keeps a wide-eye on the global photography scene.
  • Conscientious is "quite" the heavyweight fine art photography blog, run by physicist Jorg Colberg.
  • Strobist is a resource for DIY lighting solutions.
  • ACP 9 lecturer Alec Soth had a pre-eminent artist's blog that's grown dusty (victim of its own popularity?) but the archives are still worth a looksee.
  • I Heart Photography features daily updates of work across a wide spectrum.
  • Mary Virginia Swanson, who gave a presentation during ACP 9 at MOCA GA, runs "Marketing Photos with Mary Virginia Swanson".
  • Flakphoto posts new work from a variety of sources, nearly every day.
  • 5B4 takes a dedicated look at photobooks and photobooks only.
Linked out? There are plenty of photographers (some emerging, some emerged) who run their own blogs as well. Have a look at Amy Stein, Peter Baker, Richard Renaldi, David Alan Harvey, Liz Kuball, Olivier Laude, Andrew Heatherington, Todd Deutsch, Brian Ulrich, Shane Lavalette, Will Steacy, and Zoe Strauss. Links to local photoblogs (and blogs of ACP participants) can always be found in the "Friends and Neighbors" section of the sidebar on the right. Feel free to list yours in the comments!

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