Allen Cooley @ Gallery Stokes, Fri., May 22nd

Allen Cooley's graduate exhibition of portraits called "Normal" will be at Gallery Stokes in Castleberry this Friday, and will be up for a week. Cooley, on his work:
“Our culture is constantly evolving and continually improving, but I am disheartened by the rare and brief glimpses of this evolution that are typically available to the mainstream consciousness. I’m tired of imagery that simply perpetuates the extremes of African Americans, either to sell a high-class, pretentious way of life, or to promote pity for poor, ignorant, subservient Negroes who’ve had it hard. I’m neither of those two. I’m intelligent, not ostentatious, and I’ve had it hard, but refuse to allow those hard times to define me. I understand that both the upper and lower echelons do exist, but people like me exist as well.”

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