Foto Povera 5, a Bridge Between France and Atlanta, at Opal Gallery

Foto Povera 5: Atlanta, curated by Yannick Vigouroux, will open on June 4th at Opal Gallery in Little 5 Points. Reception on the 4th from 6-9pm.
"This informal collective of French and Atlanta-based artists brings together talented photographers who take an alternative approach to their medium by using a variety of of non-traditional and "toy cameras" such as sténopé, Holga, Diana, and Brownie box. The images on display represent a unique translation of photography with cameras that are often referred to as "primitive" in the modern world of digital technology. By embracing the constraints of these non-traditional cameras, they aim to capture a precariousness and spontaneity that they believe to be much greater than the resulting image."
Participating artists include: Bernard Plossu, Yannick Vigouroux, Driss Aroussi, Candido Baldacchino, Jean-André Bertozzi, Daniel Challe, Didier Cholodnicki, Bruno Debon, Christophe Mauberret, Jean-Luc Paillé, Caroll' Planque, Yannick Vigouroux, Kathleen Kondilas, Darrin Melton, Otto Kitchens, Constance Lewis, Pierryl Peytavi, Xavier Martel, Catherine Merdy, Philippe Calandre, Benoît Gehane and Marion Delage de Luget. brunodebonphoto0002 © Bruno Debron

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