Chuck Hemard’s “Shelter” at Opal Gallery, Thurs., Feb 25th

Chuck Hemard's "Shelter" is on view at Opal Gallery, with a meet-the-artist event on Thursday night at 6:30pm.
"The notion of "shelter" implies sanctuary and protection from danger. Often, sources of this essential human need range from stable ones to more temporary or those derived from more transient means. Contemporary American culture is both fickle and insistent. At times, our insatiable hunger for progress can lead to a greed-driven pursuit of sometimes-empty dreams. Often progress involves struggle. These five images evoke curiosity in the everyday - people, their objects, and actions within the landscape - in order to encourage thoughtful consideration and awareness of our way of life and the potential for significance within the fleeting. Utilizing the camera’s ability to transform life’s over-common and over-looked irrelevancies, I make (post documentary) work that is at best keen observation begging for consideration as opposed to a call to action. I enjoy photography’s sincere though ambiguous nature that allows for a range of potential meanings to be available, and, how editing informs likely interpretations."

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