Photolink Round Up, w/o May 24th

(Here are few links from the last week or so of the interwebs, masquerading as proper paragraphs!)

Just what everyone needs, a ceramic SX-70!
This week (and last), an episode of a TV show called "House" aired which was shot with a Canon Digital SLR. Format International Photography Festival in the UK has launched a contest called Exposure. The New York Times' Lens Blog's unveiled the results of their "Moment in Time. A look into the (Dutch) success of publishing your own photobooks. A great timelapse of the Icelandic volcano. C-Print Cyan, Gursky, & the archival properties of Diasec. Farewell, Sygma. If you have a Canon digital camera, have you ever considered hacking the firmware? Joerg asks a good question. And "10 Oeuvres Aspiring Photographers Should Ignore".

An incredible Kodachrome, via tumblr:

Sharon Montrose photographs baby animals: From a great interview w/ Martin Parr, from 2007:
"Photography’s central role is to be the absolute medium of the day. It is fantastic that there is no longer any technical intimidation. When I first started learning how to take photographs, you had to spend the first six months figuring out what an f-stop was. Now you just go and take pictures. Nobody thinks about technical issues anymore because cameras or camera phones take care of that automatically. On the other hand, you still have the option of controlling every technical aspect. It’s the most accessible, democratic medium available in the world. This has to be celebrated, and we must continually remind photographers of this."

© Martin Parr

TODAY, in Atlanta, you can buy groceries that will benefit arts along the Beltline:
 What: Atlanta BeltLine has been selected for "5% Day" at Whole Foods Market at Ponce de Leon, when Whole Foods will donate five percent of the day's net sales to support The BeltLine! The more you shop, the more you give! So BeltLine fans, grab a friend and grab your reusable shopping bags and head over to Whole Foods Market at Ponce de Leon on Wednesday, May 26th!   That's right, five percent of what you spend at Whole Foods Market at Ponce de Leon on our day will be donated to the BeltLine!   When: Wednesday, May 26, 8am - 10pm   Why: Funds generated from 5% Day for the BeltLine will be used to support Art on the BeltLine in the creation of visual arts, performing arts, and historic site interpretation in the BeltLine this May through October.  Art on the BeltLine will draw thousands of residents in to the BeltLine corridor – including the section of the BeltLine directly behind the Whole Foods store on Ponce.   And Mary Ellen Mark talks about the summer of 1987 on americansuburbx.
"Let me tell you about my summer. In May, I worked on A Day in the Life of America. Then I went to Miami, and I shot an album cover for Don Johnston. After that, I spent three weeks in Hong Kong and a few days in Korea for the London Sunday Times Magazine. From there, I went to Carmel to teach a Friends of Photography workshop. I came back to New York, and the London Sunday Times called again. I flew to Hawaii for them to photograph Marcos. I came back to New York, and then I went to Aspen to teach another workshop. From there, I flew to Idaho to photograph a meeting for the Aryan Nations - an extreme right-wing group. After that, I taught in Maine for a week. I came back to New York and decided I was going to relax. But Life called, wanting me to go immediately to Pakistan, so I did. After that, I went to Toronto to work on a film."

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