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It's time for Photolink Round-up, our weekly smattering of photo-rich stories, posts and links from across the online spectrum!

PDN takes a look at Portfolio Reviews, profiling ACP's upcoming Portfolio Review on October 16th. Submit your own work for the ACP Portfolio Review today!
"This year's review takes place on Saturday, October 16th at Grady High School in Atlanta where 16 reviewers and 52 artists will convene. Applications are currently being accepted online up until July 12. Program manager Michael David Murphy says ACP has a jury that reviews applications and that artists are chosen based on the development of their work and how the review would be a beneficial experience. "We're not looking for a specific genre of photography," he says."
Alec Soth declined to sell his photograph (Peter's Housebout, Winona, Minnesota) to market a book, so the book cover designer went ahead and copied his photo.

In other words, this:
© Alec Soth

Became this:

On the lighter side, blogger Blake Andrews gets the hat-tip for pointing out this exhaustive page of photographic references that have aired on The Simpsons.

Writing on foto8, Vish Vishvanath takes a look at the new Magnum Archive at Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.

"I chose Robert Capa and Philip Jones Griffiths. Now, these are perfect, fibre-based, archival prints with the photographers' stamp on them, presumably the same prints as offered by Magnum for sale to collectors. Until I opened Capa's portfolio I confess that his photographs had never inspired me in the same way that he, as a person, had. Capa's never-give-up, swashbuckling style held the promise of a great future in photography to me, but his images never seemed to live up to the man. At the Harry Ransom Center, sat looking at this wonderous portfolio I realised the truth. I thought I knew his pictures better than I did, and this "greatest hits collection" of exquisite 20x16 photographs finally flicked the On switch in my head. There's not much else that can match seeing pictures like this."

© Anthony Maddolini, via foto8.
More Magnum, a new interview with Bruce Davidson.

ACP 10 Portfolio Reviewer Joerg Colberg takes a look at artist statements:

"You might still wonder why I’m trying to make you explain your photography, and that’s one of the most common and pernicious misconceptions about artist statements: A good statement does not explain the work. It’s art after all, and there’s no need to explain anything. Explaining would be the other extreme: Instead of leaving everything possible, you’d restrict your work to allowing only one explanation. A good statement lies right in the middle somewhere - and that’s part of the reason why it’s so important to write one.
And here's photo-inspired streetart from Paris, via photojojo.

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