[Video] The Making of a Daguerreotype, by Takashi Arai

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3 Responses to “[Video] The Making of a Daguerreotype, by Takashi Arai”

  1. Corinne Adams Says:

    Wonderful and meditative!

  2. jim lyle Says:

    could not get this video to play but found it at http://vimeo.com/14472775.

    the intl symposium comes to atlanta in october, and an exhibit at the atl historical center in buckhead will be worth seeing- we’ve recently begun to learn about this process and are fascinated with it.

  3. George Whiteley Says:

    Perhaps the title of a tune by Ringo Starr best sums up the making of a daguerreotype: “It Don’t Come Easy.”
    Understanding the difficulty in making these magical silvered images makes one truly appreciate the birth of an artistic medium. We should be grateful for all those pioneer photographers who recorded an era in an instant…forever.

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