ACP Photo Book Fair, Saturday, Oct. 23rd

Have you produced your own self-published photo book? We're having our 2nd annual Photo Book Fair at the Piedmont Park Community Center on October 23rd, and you're invited. If you have your own book to sell, or a book of your work from a small-press or university press, we'd love to include you in the event. If you've thought about putting together a book of your own work, you can upload your images and prepare your own self-published book with who will be on hand on the 23rd to talk about their photo book offerings. For more information, please see the Photo Book Fair listing in the Festival Guide, and sign-up to take part! And here's a look at last year's Photo Book Fair:

ACP 11 My Atlanta Photo Book Fair (Inaugural Event) from Atlanta Celebrates Photography on Vimeo.

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  1. Betty Press Says:

    I have just self publishing a book called I Am Because We Are: African Wisdom in Image and Proverb in partnership with an NGO Books For Africa. It combines my photographs with related African proverbs and celebrates the good that Africa can give the world. Books For Africa has a large following in Atlanta. They pack donated books into containers and ship them to Africa. the book is beautifully designed and printed by Oceanic Graphic Printing in Hong Kong. I would like to be part of your photobook fair.

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