Finding and Following Atlantans on Instagram

If you like taking pictures with your iPhone, you probably already know about Instagram, a free app that merges the fun filters of Hipstamatic with the ease and sharing of a fast, mobile application. Instagram launched this fall, and as a photo-sharing experience is pretty unique. There's no website to log into and upload your pictures -- everything takes place on your phone; shooting, sharing, following, commenting. The New York Times has taken a look at the service a few times in past weeks; when they surpassed a million users and today's article (featuring Atlantan Davin Bentti) here. As a young product, there are a few places for improvement, specifically in following the photos of people you don't know. You can find and follow your email contacts, your twitter or facebook friends, but you can't follow people locally. It's most likely a feature that's around the corner, pun intended. In the interest of providing a wider platform for those of you on instagram who are interested in pics of Atlanta from people you may not know, feel free to leave a comment here with your instagram username. Or tweet us @acptweets and we'll update this post. And if you'd like to be removed from the list let us know. And if you'd like to discover more pics from Atlanta on your own, try this tweet search. Metro-area Atlantans on Instagram (no links - just plug these into the "search usernames and names" screen): _raygun cblack desfolio e08 <-- a zero + 8 ericajoy ericbeatty gt6288a imryan1 jtrav jelbaum joelsilverman keithweaver kvoth kwrather ngnphoto robertmatre seanatlanta sux thepalifoxlegend whileseated (author of this post) 5372548551_b73d3dd08a_o

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