ACP Portfolio Review Leads Maureen Ruddy Burkhart to Mongolia

Excerpt from "Longmont photographer shows work in Inner Mongolia" in the Daily Camera.
Longmont photographer Maureen "Mo" Ruddy Burkhart thought she was going to Atlanta last October for a juried portfolio review. Little did she know that her quick trip would soon take her to the frigid desert hinterlands of -- literally -- inner Mongolia. During the review in Atlanta, she spoke, through a translator, with representatives of two Chinese arts organizations, Photo China magazine and the High Noon Art and Culture Corp. of Beijing. "They were traveling the portfolio review circuit looking for talent with a special emphasis on landscapes," said Burkhart, 56. "Halfway through the review they expressed interest in publishing my work. I was pretty excited." More exciting still, she received an invitation to go to China, all expenses paid, to exhibit her work at the grand opening of the Desert Art Palace in Xiang Sha Wan, Inner Mongolia, on (Western) New Year's Day. Burkhart was one of 10 Americans invited to show their work along with that of 20 Chinese artists. In all, some 250 photographers from China attended the expo.

© Mo Ruddy Burkhart

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