“Dream of a Common Language” at Arnall Golden Gregory

It's always great to see exhibitions that leverage photography's strength alongside another art form, like poetry, and the current show in Arnall Golden Gregory's exhibition space (open through April 1st) takes its name from poet Adrienne Rich's book from 1978, "Dream of a Common Language".

The exhibition is part of a three-year partnership between AGG and Hammonds House, and features work from Sheila Pree Bright, Lucinda Bunnen, Lynn Cymone, Doris Derby, Kathryn Kolb, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeir, Sue Ross and Angela West. The exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between Anne Lambert Tracht from AGG and Kevin Sipp from Hammonds House.

Kevin Sipp remarked that the Rich book (and poem) was a personal favorite, and just as Rich is focused on "women's perspectives of work and art", the pieces within the exhibition reflect Rich's general inspiration.

From AGG:
"The art exhibit, entitled “Dream of a Common Language,” will feature a selection of work by female photographers, and is inspired by renowned poet and essayist Adrienne Rich’s poem of the same title, which explores the universal themes of sisterhood and the common language of self-discovery, love and achievement. The exhibit is presented in partnership with the Hammonds House Museum, located in Atlanta's West End.
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