Stephen Lawson event at Lumiere on Saturday, April 23rd at 11am

Lumiere is hosting a closing event for their exhibition of Stephen Lawson "Motion Pictures: Change by Degrees" on Saturday, April 23rd at 11am.
"We will screen the film by West Virginia Pubic TV, Stephen will provide additional comments, and then be available for a question and answer session. Please note: The formal presentation of the April 23rd artist talk will conclude at approx 11:45 allowing time to attend the Kerry Skarbakka/Michael Rooks Event at Hagedorn Gallery. The first of a two part series addressing pictures in motion, this exhibition of Stephen Lawson’s work is unique. The qualities conveyed by both subject matter and time frame incent the viewer’s engagement and interpretation. “The photo-based works grow from my background as a sculptor. These are four dimensional in concept and execution, but only two in the presentation. The concept of space and time is reconstructed in the mind of the viewer, “ states Lawson. The technical creativity involved in the concept, design, production and operation of the one-of-a-kind cameras required to produce these time based works has evolved over the years and relies on Lawson’s distinct talents. The year and day-long works could be thought of as bringing a concentrated gaze; the brief, dynamic shots read as a glance, in the turn of the head, as the eye itself sees, before the mind edits this to a visual memory, often as a “still”. Indeed, all of the images could be thought of as movies presented as stills. Below is a 12 minute video Produced and Directed by John Nakashima of West Virginia Public Broadcasting (2002), it provides an illuminating overview into Lawson’s work and his evolution as an artist."

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