Jennifer Schwartz Gallery Launches “The Ten”

"The Ten is a highly curated monthly online exhibit of ten photographic images. Each image is available at a 13x19 size in an edition of 25 for $250. Whether a photographer makes a new body of work for The Ten, a guest curator selects images from different photographers, or a photographer self-curates from within his or her existing bodies of work, The Ten is an opportunity for photographers and curators to explore the creative possibilities of pulling together a selection of work with a strong statement and a tight edit. The uniqueness of The Ten comes from its curation and its exclusivity. Images on The Ten cannot be sold in any other size in any other location. Once an image has been included in The Ten, it must be retired from sale. The only opportunity to purchase that image is on the website for The Ten, and once 25 are sold, it is sold out forever. The Ten puts up a creative challenge to photographers and curators that we feel is important to keep the medium fresh and relevant. So explore, create, be inspired. We bring you, The Ten.

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