This Holiday Season, Please Support ACP!

During this season of celebration, we'd like to celebrate YOU for being a friend of ACP! Hopefully you were able to experience some aspect of our month-long, city-wide, October photo festival. The festival featured the work of over 750 photographers showcased at over 150 photo-related events.

If you experienced any part of our festival this year or if you believe in our tireless efforts to make Atlanta a world-class cultural city, please make a tax-deductible year-end donation to ACP. We rely on support from culturally-minded individuals like you.

Some feedback we've received recently:

"It has been one of the most complete events of photography I have experienced, going from applied works to experimental photography. It has a democratic and social spirit. It was a real pleasure."

"ACP keeps amazing me -- new ideas, new experiences, new relationships. It also motivates me to do new work and to spur a dialog around it. I can't imagine my art life without it...I am in awe, and I am honored to be a participant in this life-changing organization."

"Thanks for this great event - please keep up the good work."

The ACP Festival transforms Atlanta like no other art event. It is the only organization that nationally and internationally promotes Atlanta's photographic artists (from amateur to professional) as well as promoting the venues that exhibit their work. We strive for Atlanta to be a city where the creative-class lives and thrives. Your support in ANY amount makes a HUGE difference.

THANK YOU and Happy Holidays!

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