Amy Miller’s Update from Day 3 of Houston’s @FotoFest_Intl

Day 3 at Houston Fotofest - another great day of reviews. This morning I met photographer Tom Morin. Tom had three different bodies of work, all tightly edited and neatly printed. The project I enjoyed most is his chalkboard series. He has travelled far and wide to capture the palimpsest nature of the chalkboard.

Another photographer that I enjoyed meeting was Susan Goldstein. Susan had a large body of work that was her ongoing b&w, medium format landscape series of the "New American West". Susan's work showcases her clever sense of humor and I delighted in all of the serendipitous moments that she captured - one of the signatures of an accomplished (and dedicated) photographer.

This evening, after the reviews was the Portfolio Walk - an open viewing of all the artist's work. In addition to being a reception for the general public, this is also supposed to be the opportunity for reviewers to see the work of the photographers that we were not able to meet in a one-on-one review. Even with this event, there are still artists that I have missed. Fortunately my fellow reviewers are great at spreading the word when they encounter a photographer worth seeing.

This evening, ACP Portfolio Reviewer from 2010 and Blue Sky Gallery founder Christopher Rauschenberg brought to my attention local (Houston-based) photographic and video artist husband and wife team of Hillerbrand & Magsamen. I plan to spend some time on their website exploring the inventive photographs and videos. Keep your eye on this pair, I have a feeling that we will all be seeing a lot of them soon.

There is one last day of reviews, and I'm looking forward to sharing my next discoveries!

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