Interview with Larson/Shindelman about ACP Public Art on

Installing exhibition prints of Larson/Shindelman's ACP Public Art project today at Big House Gallery. Excerpt from a Q&A on with Larson/Shindelman about Geolocation: Atlanta, their twitter-based public art / billboard installation project for ACP 2012.

ArtsATL: Where are the billboards located? Shindelman: All up and down I-75, I-85 and I-20. The photos and tweets all happened within a mile of the billboards. ArtsATL: How did you obtain the tweets? Shindelman: It’s all in the public timeline of Twitter. These are people using GPS; their phones tag their exact locations. Larson: Everything is located using a cell phone these days. The idea of place is deeply embedded in the culture of cell phones. ArtsATL: What do you do when you arrive at the sites? Shindelman: We look at it like an editorial project. Our parameters are to make a photo that somehow interacts with the text. We might photograph where the person is tweeting from or what they might’ve been looking at. Larson: We start making decisions about how to make it an interesting picture. We could have the best tweet in the world, but if we can’t make a good picture then it usually gets edited out.
We'd love to see the first photos of their work on the digital billboards! If you see one, tweet us @acptweets or use hashtag #acp2012 on instagram!

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