Have You Seen Larson/Shindelman’s “Geolocation: Atlanta”?

Two weeks ago, we were happy to host a special exhibition of the prints from Larson/Shindelman's twitter/photography-hybrid public art project "Geolocation: Atlanta.

ACP Public Art - Special Exhibition - Larson/Shindelman

Larson/Shindelman's project is currently visible on area billboards. Check out the google map for billboard locations, and here's a mock-up of what the billboards look like.

"New chapter begins today!"

The slides from the public art project are currently in rotation with other advertisers on these digital billboards. At some locations, like the billboard on Northside, you can see them quite often -- on the billboard overlooking 75/85 (facing south), the project comes-up less frequently.

75/85 billboard, south-facing on the west side of the road.

Which brings us to our challenge! We'd like to give you an ACP hat if you're able to take photos that show the ACP Public Art project in action. (If you're shooting with an iPhone, beware, the shutter doesn't always behave well with the refresh rate of the billboards.)

If you get a good picture, please post them to twitter and let us know @acptweets, or send them over to info@acpinfo.org. Thank you!!!

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