Lori Vrba Workshop at Serenbe Photography Center, Nov. 10th

Serenbe Photography Center is hosting a workshop on Nov. 10th with Lori Vrba called "What's Your Story? Finding Your Voice in the Photographic Narrative".
"How does one find a distinct voice in a medium where light and time are the universal tools of the craft? This one day workshop will explore the narrative elements that shape a unique perspective through the lens. We will examine the compelling works of artists known for their visual storytelling and poetic expressions in photography.

Define your own photographic voice and story through editing, sequencing, and self examination. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring prints. Portfolios on flash drive or disk are acceptable. Please bring 20 images from a completed series or work in progress. If you don't have a complete series or even one in the works -- bring your photos and let Lori help you see the story that can be found there. Your voice is there in your work and Lori will help you find it."

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