Review of Dusseault & Whitney at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery's two current shows are reviewed on by Stephanie Cash. Bryan Whitney's photographs of telecommunications towers comprise "infrastructures", and Ruth Dusseault's "Modern Nature" examines Floridian tourist attractions.
"Akin to the work of Düsseldorf artists Bernd and Hilla Becher, whom he cites as an influence, Whitney’s images are deadpan but not without personality. There’s a zigzagging Seussian one in Ann Arbor, a slender diamond in Nashville, an Eiffel Toweresque example in Magonia, Fla., and one in Dallas that looks like a lattice spaceship perched atop pylons. Like Towers of Babel reaching toward the heavens, these spindly structures keep us connected across vast distances, even as they remind us of how fragile these connections are.

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