“Suburbia” at Hagedorn Opens Friday, Feb. 15th

Suburbia Martin Adolfsson, Jonathan Lewis, Sarah Malakoff, Brian Ulrich and Christina Price Washington Reception: Friday, February 15th 6 - 8:30pm Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present Suburbia a group exhibition of photographs by five artists that reflects on the ideas of repetition and seriality that shape middle class culture. Suburbia, created post WWII as an artificial dream world, offered a space in which one could “escape from complexity, age, fear, insecurity, imperfection – precisely the motives that have periodically drawn people to search for new beginning.” As this alternative space has become a dominant cultural model it has produced a pervasive and stultifying conformity. Through March 16, 2013 *Atlanta artist Christina Price Washington will be in attendance the 15th

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