[Call for Entries] APG’s “Post-Apocalyptic Photo Challenge”

Atlanta Photography Group has a new call for entries for their upcoming show, judged by Stuart Horodner and Beth Lilly. Deadline is May 18th.
APG Atlanta Photography Group Concepts: the Post-Apocalyptic Photo Challenge A Fresh Look at Photographic Ideas and Materials   Jurored by Stuart Horodner, artistic director of Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and Beth Lilly, artist and educator   For this year’s Concepts Show, APG is issuing a special challenge to photographers. In the past decade, digital technologies opened up new opportunities, while at the same time our dependence on it has become extensive. If disaster should strike and the power grid fail, how could you continue your work as a photographer? APG wants to see what you would do as an artist if you no longer had access to your digital files and could no longer plug into the grid.   We propose to start a dialogue by posing questions. Is our digital dependency causing us to overlook the image-making potential of new materials and knowledge that hasn’t yet been used in fine art photography? On the flip side, are there creative new ways to use vintage photographic methods? Is it even possible today to utilize chemical processes without electricity?    We’d like to see work that experiments with installations and presentations that incorporate optics and visual phenomena.  Consider mining the remains of civilizations past by finding new uses for light sensitive materials.  Other options might include using existing prints as raw material for a new piece.    For more information, entry form and FAQ’s, please visit the APG website. www.apgphoto.org   Entry deadline: May 18, 2013 Show Opens: June 28, 2013 Entry fee $35.00 members  $25 student members One year membership $35/$25 students

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