[Photos] Fay Gold at Westside Cultural Arts Center

Great to see Fay Gold's return to the local art scene last week with the opening of Sandy Skoglund's exhibition, which will be up through August 30th at the Westside Cultural Arts Center. The intrepid John E. Ramspott was on the scene to photograph for Burnaway.
"American photographer Sandy Skoglund creates other-worldly images by constructing elaborate studio scenes, which take her months to complete. Skoglund's work depicts artificial interiors and landscapes with a critical edge toward contemporary issues of nature and culture. The theme of food runs throughout her body of work, a controversial symbol of essential life and human manipulation. Through sculpture, Skoglund has said she tries to put the hand made object into photography. Sandy Skoglund has exhibited internationally since 1980 with iconic, obsessive images that play an important role in the staged photography movement."

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