Amy Miller Interview on Lenscratch

As we gear-up toward this week's Portfolio Review, have a look at Amy Miller's interview with Aline Smithson on Lenscratch from last week, where she lends advice to Portfolio Review attendees:
"There is so much advice that I could give for this, but the most important thing is for photographers to consider what it is that they realistically hope to gain from a review. Not everyone is ready for a gallery show or a publishing deal. Only a handful of photographers at any review have that type of success. I have seen photographers who, although their work was just not there, were dead set on their goal of getting a gallery show. When this didn’t happen, they viewed the experience as a waste of time. What they neglected was all the amazing advice and potential contacts they got instead. Because it wasn’t that offer of a show, they were not interested. Part two of this answer is to ask questions. The more you are prepared to explore and engage your reviewer, the more you will get. If they aren’t addressing concerns you have about your project, ask them."

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