Thomas Jullien’s “Instagram Short Film” and a Few Questions About the Future

A week ago, Thomas Jullien posted this crowd-sourced video made from 852 still photos culled from Instagram. It's a great piece, and it makes one wonder what the photographic world will look like when pictures have been taken from nearly every last available vantage point. Remember the promise of Photosynth, a few year's back? Jullien's video is a hand-made version of a future that Photosynth foresaw. It also makes one wonder if the allure of Instagram will peak, when, after years of using the app, the pictures one sees from one's followers begin to look the same. How might Instagram inspire, fulfill, saturate, and eventually fatigue our need to create and view imagery? If the shine eventually comes off of Instagram, what might the next, new application look like that inspires so many to express themselves photographically? - MDM

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