Sign-up for (Apocalyptic) Family Portrait with Beth Lilly this Weekend

Beth Lilly, who created ACP's Public Art project in 2009, has a new family portrait project that addresses climate change and the collapse of civilization. Fun!

She's photographing families this weekend: "Would you like a family portrait? I'm taking portraits in my studio to use in an art project this weekend and next weekend. For payment, I'll give you an 8x10 print of the final image. Everyone will need to sign a model release. Email or message me if you are interested. Tell your friends! Pets are family too."
"A recent study revealed that nearly 30% of the US population has made preparations for the collapse of civilization – and there are many more throughout the world. To me it was alarming that they would rather count on a future where they are forced to kill friends, neighbors, even relatives to survive than alter their behaviors today and prevent such a calamity. These thoughts were the inspiration for a dystopian satire of the family portrait tradition. I photographed families in my studio against a green screen, posing them according to advice found on the internet for portrait photographers, and digitally placed the families in these scenes (the families saw the backgrounds and agreed to the composites). I think most people haven’t thought about their stash of guns in quite this light so I hope to put some perspective on this trend."

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