August, Louis Daguerre, the Dinner Party Download, Drinks, and an Upcoming Eclipse Across North Georgia


One of our favorite things is to hear people talking about photography who don't ordinarily discuss photography -- this week's surprise was a great story about Daguerre and the invention of the Daguerreotype on Episode 267 of Dinner Party Download. [Direct link to audio].

In August of 1839, the French government released Daguerre's photographic process to the world, a process that was free to use, and soon become a free-for-all. Dinner Party Download investigates this, and goes further, by offering a "signature cocktail" recipe inspired by Daguerre, and in particular, the daguerreotype (don't call it a photo!) made by Berkowski of the solar eclipse across Russia in July of 1851. Still with me? Last week, we learned there will be a full eclipse across the United States in August of 2017, with a flyover over Georgia. It makes one wonder who'll be inspired by Berkowski into making a daguerreotype of that particular sunblock. You have two years to prepare! (Daguerreotype of Daguerre (has a ring to it!) by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier-Blot, 1844, via wikipedia.)

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