Corrections to the Printed Festival Guide

There are a few significant corrections to the printed ACP Festival Guide that we wanted to call out. With the launch of the online Festival Guide right around the corner, please know the online version will always be the most up-to-date. But unfortunately, there were a few typos that evaded our grasp (my grasp!) as the Guide went to print. Mea culpa. Page 26: The zip code for Pace Academy is 30327.
Page 27: The address for the Center for Civil & Human Rights is 100 Ivan Allen Blvd, and the event starts at 7pm. Google Maps
Pages 28 & 57: The Dan Winters artist's talk, scheduled for Fri., Oct. 10th at Portfolio Center has been moved next door to MOCA GA (directions). Same date & time!
Page 32: October 17th is a Friday night, not Thursday, and it's going to be a heckuva night!
Page 36 & 65: An Evening With The Bitter Southerner is on Friday, Oct. 24th, not Saturday, the 25th
Page 50: Listing #045 at Fay Gold Gallery has been cancelled.
Page 55: The title for listing 062 should be "Cemetery Visits"
Page 57: Address change for Aint-Bad Magazine at Dashboard Co-op
We'll link these corrections to their corresponding pages in the online Festival Guide as soon as it goes live. And we'll update this page, throughout the Festival, as necessary. The above changes are reflected in the ACP Festival Guide PDF.

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