A Live Photo-Sharing Event on Saturday: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion: 1World1Family

Since 2004 and the advent of Flickr, photo-sharing has exploded online, with Facebook now receiving more than 350 million photos a day. With all this snapping and sharing, it's easy to forget how we used to share photos, and what stories we told about them, in the tactile, non-virtual world. The companion event to Wednesday's film screening of "Through a Lens Darkly" is Saturday's "Digital Diaspora Family Reunion: 1World1Family" at Westside Cultural Arts Center from 2-4pm. And while the event will most certainly have a digital component, its center will be real people sharing real stories about family photographs in real-time. Here are a few videos that should help lend context about this special event.

("Frances Dixon shares her family photographs during the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion Roadshow at the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, NY, 2012.") And here's the event's trailer (with a great track from Fela!) which features a few views of the last time the event was held in Atlanta:

We're really excited about Saturday's event, and hope you'll come prepared to share your own family photos!

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