Photos on the Mac in a post-Aperture World

For those of you who never made the move to Lightroom (if you need a class, get started at The Showcase School) you've probably managed your photos through iPhoto, Aperture, Bridge, Phase One's software, or you've burned them to a stack of CDs that's taller than you. And now that Aperture & iPhoto are going away...


While Apple's received plenty of bad press about their photo-management software, including multiple fails with how your cell-phone pics are syncing (or not-syncing) with iCloud, they're definitely trying to remake how you sort, organize & develop your photos with an upcoming release of their new "Photos" app.

There's a deep discussion of the Photos app on yesterday's Mac Break Weekly, and has an in-depth first look at the new features: "Photos for Mac first look - The future of ubiquitous photography approaches", and while it's too early to tell if it'll solve all your photo-management related snafus, it sounds like a step in the right direction.

Or you could just throw your entire hard-drive at Lightroom and find out what Adobe's been working on for the past ten years!

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