[VIDEO] Eighteen Publicly Available ACP Lectures (and then some!)

A tweet from David Naugle this week inspired us to take a look at the publicly available archive of ACP lectures over the years. And while we weren't able to locate the Martin Parr lecture (we believe it was filmed by the High, but just hasn't been made public) we were able to put together a list of videos that have been posted.

Most of these videos came out of the relationship between The High Museum and Forum Network. Many of these lectures were created in partnership (and collaboration) with local institutions and galleries, including Lumiere Gallery, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and The High Museum of Art. A few were recorded thanks to the intrepid good old ArtRelish. While there are a few videos in this list that weren't "officially" part of the Festival, it makes sense to include them here.

In a world that now includes Meerkat and (soon) Periscope, we hope to be able to bring you some kind of low-res live-streaming of lectures and events in 2015.

Bookmark, enqueue, and enjoy!

20121017 - ACP Knowledge Series - Marvin Heiferman at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Part 1
"Influential curator and writer Marvin Heiferman discusses his newest book, Photography Changes Everything."

20121017 - ACP Knowledge Series - Marvin Heiferman at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Part 2

20111027 - Zoe Strauss at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

"Zoe Strauss is a photo-based installation artist who uses Philadelphia as a primary setting and subject for her work. Strauss’s photographic work culminates in a yearly “Under I-95” show, which takes place beneath the Interstate highway in South Philadelphia. She displays her photographs on concrete pillars under the highway and sells photocopied prints of her work for $5 each. In 2002, she received a Seedling Award in photography from the Leeway Foundation. In 2005, she received a Pew Fellowship. In 2006, her work was included in the Whitney Biennial. Zoe Strauss was named a 2007 USA Gund Fellow and granted $50,000 by United States Artists, an arts advocacy foundation dedicated to the support and promotion of America's top living artists. Zoe Strauss is the author of America, published November 2008 by AMMO Books."

20111020 - Chip Simone

"Atlanta-based photographer Chip Simone and the High’s Curator of Photography, Brett Abbott will take an in-depth look at the work on view in the High’s The Resonant Image: Photographs by Chip Simone exhibition. The exhibition features 64 of his color photographs made between 2000-2010 during explorations in and around Atlanta and other American cities."

20101020 - The Past Again: Reflections of the Daguerreotype - Grant Romer

"Grant Romer, world-renowned photography authority and former Director of Conservation for the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, introduces recently evolved thinking about the daguerreotype in light of the dramatic changes in imaging and information technology over the last ten years.

Romer also examines the basics of daguerreotype connoisseurship through an overview of the history of the process and illustrations of the unique qualities of the daguerreotype."

20100916 - "The Power and Passion to Create" - Norman Seeff

"Photographer and filmmaker Norman Seeff discusses the creative process that he has documented for more than 35 years. Included are film clips and Seeff’s own photographs of such luminaries as the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Martin Scorsese, and Nobel Prize-winning scientists."

20091120 - Harry Shearer's 'The Silent Echo Chamber'

"Artist and performer Harry Shearer discusses his recent video work, The Silent Echo Chamber. Stuart Horodner, artistic director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center; Jim Clancy, anchor of CNN International; and Michael David Murphy, program manager of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, join the panel."

20091029 - Tierney Gearon On Her Career As A Photographer

"Acclaimed photographer Tierney Gearon discusses the entire span of her career as a photographer--beginning with her first portraits of her family, her early commercial work as a fashion photographer in Europe, her discovery by Charles Saatchi, subsequent shows at The Gagosian Gallery, "The Mother Project", and her newest series, "Explosure."

20090411 - Julie Blackmon at SCAD Atlanta

20081001 - Gregory Heisler on Arnold Newman

"Gregory Heisler, award winning photographer, discusses Arnold Newman and the impact that he and his work have had on photography. Heisler is a commercial photographer with 70 Time magazine covers to his credit."

20080911 - Photography of Christopher Bucklow

"Christopher Bucklow talks about his widely known photographic silhouettes made using a pinhole camera. He is also known for the ongoing series of paintings that stem from those photographs. His work is included in the collections of many museums across the US."

20080306 - Street Photography - Lisa Kurzner

"Photography expert Lisa Kurzner leads a discussion on "Through the Spyglass: Politics and Play in Street Photography, 1960 to the Present". The conversation covers the history of street photography and its place in the political landscape of the Vietnam era. Kurzner discusses Garry Winogrand, Susan Meiselas and Danny Lyon, as well as ideas of surveillance and voyeurism in photography."

20080306 - Alfred Stieglitz's Photography Of Georgia O'Keeffe - Lisa Kurzner

"Independent scholar Lisa Kurzner discusses Alfred Stieglitz's photographs of artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Educated in Berlin, Stieglitz studied engineering and photography before returning to the US at the turn of the century and opening the 291 gallery. He pioneered the art of photography, and single-handedly introduced America to the works of Picasso, Matisse, and Cezanne at the gallery. Stieglitz took more than 300 portraits of O'Keeffe between 1918 and 1937. Most of the more erotic poses would be in the first few years of their marriage."

20071108 - Exploring Harry And Eleanor Callahan - Chip Simone, John McWilliams & Julian Cox

"Photographers Chip Simone and John McWilliams, personal friends of the late photographer Harry Callahan, joined Julian Cox to discuss the artist and his muse, Eleanor, as teacher and artist, and to feature examples of their own work."

20070915 - Sam Taylor Wood - New Media Art: Modern Photography And Film

"Sam Taylor-Wood discusses her work in photography and film, which examines collective social and psychological conditions within thought-provoking scenarios, displaying the discord between the internal and external identity of her subjects."

20070208 - Greta Pratt: Nineteen Lincolns

"Photographer Greta Pratt discusses her interest in historic iconography in America, in particular her monumental work Nineteen Lincolns, on view at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Nineteen Lincolns documents men who belong to the Association of Lincoln Presenters, a society dedicated to studying and portraying the life of Abraham Lincoln."

20061109 - Susan Todd-Raque: "Photography: Inspired Collecting"

"Independent scholar, writer, lecturer and critic Susan Todd-Raque discusses the growing enthusiasm for collecting photography and why it is the perfect medium for such a passion."

20060720 - Julian Cox: "Thoughts on Large Format Photography"

"Julian Cox addresses the prevailing taste for large scale images, and considers the choices that photographers make when determining the size of their prints."

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