Lucinda Bunnen at Ventulett Gallery, Opens April 23rd, 6pm

"Lucinda Bunnen's imagery expresses her relationships with two of America's nearest neighbors. Mexico has long been closely held, while Cuba has been an outsider for nearly 60 years. Lucinda's photos of Havana, Cuba, taken on the eve of a new relationship with America, show how that island nation has retained its unique character in the face of the US embargo. Patcuaro, Mexico has its own special place in the Latin American story. Since the 14th century it has been a prominent locale for both indigenous and colonial cultures; the architecture and environs reflect a rich tapestry.

Lucinda Weil Bunnen 2012Havana,Cuba | 2010Patcuaro,Mexico
April 23 - May 29, 2015.
Opening reception | Thursday, April 23, 6 pm - 8 pm.
The Ventulett Gallery | Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church
805 Mount Vernon Hwy, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327"

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