Jane Kerr opens at APG, Thurs., May 28th

Paintings and Photographs

MAY 28, 2015 through JUNE 18, 2015
Opening Saturday, MAY 30, 2015

Artist Talk - Saturday, June 13, 2—3pm

Jane Kerr has always defied expectations and stereotypes. A maverick from the beginning majoring in mathematics in the ‘50’s, she moved on to writing, painting, and photography during her later years instead of a rocking chair. Love of travel and photography developed early in her life when she took a two-month tour of Europe during the summer of ’54. She photographed extensively using slides. After college she worked as a stewardess for Delta Airlines. Next came a 27 year career in real estate and raising two daughters as a single parent.

In 1995 Jane went on a trip to Siberia with The Friendship Force. During that trip her eyes were opened wide to a world that she never dreamed existed. Next came Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Tanzania, Morocco and then a trip on the Trans Siberian Railroad from Ulan Bator, Mongolia and on across Siberia.

Natalie Goldberg of New Mexico opened Jane’s mind to Goldberg’s writing method, First Thoughts, and those ideas later were later assimilated into her photography and painting. After time spent in Santa Fe over a number of years, Jane now travels back and forth to Mississippi where she was raised. Her Southern photographs are in the archives of Capps Museum at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. Now Kerr says that without her world travel she would not have been able to appreciate the Mississippi Delta and the way of life that the Mississippians enjoy.

It was there that she captured many of her photographs of “what is” before it becomes “what was.”

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