Lynsey Addario, on Radiolab

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario had a fascinating discussion with Radiolab about photographing during wartime in Afghanistan.
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Much of the discussion centers around the ethical & moral issues surrounding this photograph of Addario's:


Addario's work will be on-view as part of a group exhibition during ACP 2015, details forthcoming...

From Radiolab:
"In December of 2009, photojournalist Lynsey Addario was embedded with a medevac team in Afghanistan. After days of waiting, one night they got the call - a marine was gravely wounded. What happened next happens all the time. But this time it was captured, picture by picture, in excruciating detail. Horrible, difficult, and at times strikingly beautiful, those photos raise some questions: Who should see them, who gets to decide who should see them, and what can pictures like that do, to those of us far away from the horrors war and those of us who are all too close to it?"

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