Robert Burley’s “Disappearance of Darkness” on Benjamen Walker’s “Theory of Everything”

A super-fascinating episode of Benjamen Walker's always-interesting "Theory of Everything" podcast, this time exploring "the end" of analog photography, and an investigation (via a Snapshot theorist) into what photography is becoming. The episode visits Robert Burley, whose project "The Disappearance of Darkness" explored the closing of Kodak Canada - a video explaining the project appears above.

"If I had to choose a picture that summed the project up, I think it would be the photograph that I did in Kodak Park in 2007. It's a crowd of people that are standing very solemnly in front of a cloud of dust, because the dynamite's just been set-off, the building's collapsed, and the structures are now gone. The only thing they can see is the cloud of dust, and of course they are all documenting it with digital cameras and cell phones and video cams of all sorts."

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