#artontrack location update for Sunday’s MARTA exhibition – Cars 689 & 690

A quick update about Sunday's moveable public art installation, Art on Track, on MARTA. The installation will be on the red line, running between Lindbergh (on the south end) and North Spring stations (on the north end). This is a revised plan from previous updates.

We'll be instagramming and tweeting the location of the cars during the day (utilizing #artontrack and #acpfest hashtags) but here's more information about the trains, straight from MARTA:
"Catching the art train at North Springs Station will give you a better view of the train and the train numbers. The trains at North Springs will have a layover before it resumes service. The trains that are going to be used are car numbers 689 and 690. "

"It is going to take approximately 40 to 45 minutes for the train to make a full loop (North Springs to Lindbergh, and back to North Springs Station). There will be trains leaving from Lindbergh at approximately 9:51am and 10:11am. There will be trains leaving from North Springs Station at approximately 9:40am and 10:00am."
The installation is looking great! Here are a few instagrams from earlier today:

via @probablykk - Installing my work for #acpfest and #artontrack with #marta

A photo posted by @atlantacelebratesphotography on

Kaleidoscope car by Laura Noel, #artontrack for @atlantacelebratesphotography

A photo posted by Jennifer Schwartz (@bowsandunis) on

Laura Noel's kaleidoscope car, ceiling view #artontrack putting the art in mARTa #itsmarta #acpfest

A photo posted by Jennifer Schwartz (@bowsandunis) on

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