Quick Links for Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday! To "celebrate" we thought we'd put together a quick round-up of links that have been bouncing around the photo-world for the last week or so:

Here's a photo from The Rijksmuseum who've launched a "You See More When You Draw" campaign, which asks visitors to stop taking photos and start sketching pictures of the artwork.

Check out this interview from SXSE with local photobook-maker/consultant Laurie Shock.

WIRED is looking to Instagram for the future of journalism.

PDN's piece about why Art Streiber was hired to photograph the "Women of Hollywood" issue for the New York Times Magazine, including quotes from Kathy Ryan.

Don McCullin has some thoughts about the digital/analog divide.

Trusting that you've never seen a photo on Instagram (or anywhere?) quite like this one before.

Jason Schmidt photographs artists.

Artist and serial photobook-maker Joachim Schmid responds to a request for him to participate in a "Your 10 Best Photobooks of 2015" piece.

Photographic legend Anton Corbijn is leaving the commercial photo industry behind. In The Economist he recalls having three days to shoot U2's album cover for "Joshua Tree".

A profile of William Eggleston in The Guardian, a longread from 2004, and a piece about Eggleston from Vanity Fair so fresh it isn't published until tonight at 7pm.

If you're looking to put together a non-iCloud backup/browsing/archiving solution for all of the videos you take on your iPhone, this might work for you. [Ed. Note - self-link!]

The bytemark twitter account reposted a photo from reddit that is one of the more remarkable examples of re-photographing a historic location I've ever seen. The photo on the right is the new Raspberry Pi Zero, and the photo on the left is the delivery of the Norwich City Council's first computer in 1957.

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