Jon Dean Exhibition at Columbus State University, opens Friday

© John Dean
Atlanta-based artist Jon Dean will be having an exhibition in the ArtLab Gallery at Columbus State University that opens Friday night, 6-8PM, 941 Front Avenue Columbus, GA 31901. The exhibition will be up until December 15th. [facebook rsvp]

"In conceptualizing this show I regularly thought of the realities of gender and sexuality. I wanted to create a show that brought both of these ubiquitous qualities into the viewer’s mind while maintaining a sense of fun. With the recent surge of popularity in drag culture amongst mainstream media, I thought that drag queens would be an appropriate way in which to do so. Drag queens personify a mixture of gender, sexuality, excitement and a sense of wonder.

The exhibition features work by photographer Jon Dean, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. He received his BFA in Photography and now works in Atlanta, GA. His ability to convey individuality and penchant for storytelling is remarkable. His work within the queer community is both innovative and imaginative. The work includes color-photograph portraits of drag entertainers. The work asks the viewer to consider the individual behind these entertainment personalities."

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