Brandon Tauszik’s Incredible Documentary GIFs

We can't catch everything, and in 2015 we missed hearing about Brandon Tauszik's project "Tapered Throne". It's the first example we've seen of a solid, documentary photography project being expressed via animated GIFs.

While the cinemagraph has been a familiar way of delivering subtle motion to photographs, most photographers either shoot stills or video, without considering the GIF's hybrid strength. Tauszik's project causes one to linger, and the auto-loading GIFs save you from a "click-to-play" video scenario while rushing to turn-down your speakers because the audio's too loud.

Your mileage may vary, but it's so refreshing to see the lowly GIF re-imagined as a tool for photographic storytelling. It has to be Compuserve's greatest gift (pun-tended) to the world, right? [Hat-tip to Pete Brook & Vantage, which has more examples and links to interviews with Tauszik.]


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