Beate Sass’ Project: Real Stories, Real People

We're lucky when photographers come to visit us at the office with new work to reveal. Beate Sass came by to share her latest project, "Real Stories, Real People: Living with a Developmental Disability".

Beate's plan for the project is to distribute the newspaper to Georgia legislators during the 2016 legislative session (and it's available at the locations listed below, too). It's great to see a photography project that's also an effort of visual activism, and we want to congratulate Beate for the gumption and wherewithal to get her project out into the world. Fantastic!

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© Beate Sass

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© Beate Sass

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"Beate Sass, an Atlanta based photographer, has released her publication, Real Stories, Real People. It is a compilation of photo essays that depict the lives of individuals living with a developmental disability (DD).  Persons living with a DD have dreams of furthering their education, getting a job, living independently and creating lasting friendships, but support through a Medicaid waiver is often needed to fulfill these dreams. Real Stories, Real People provides intimate portrayals of lives well lived as a result of resources provided by a Medicaid waiver and lives lacking meaning or challenged by severe hardship due to inadequate support.

Real Stories, Real People was created to educate the public and policymakers about the value of investing in the future of their fellow Georgians living with a developmental disability.  This publication will be distributed at the Capitol during the 2016 legislative session and is also available to the public free of charge. Real Stories, Real People is available in Atlanta at Showcase Inc. Photo & Video, Tula Art Center, and the DeKalb County Public Libraries in Decatur, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Stonecrest, and Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown.

Additional Information:
28-page, tabloid-style publication, 11x 15 inches
Printed on newsprint by Walton Press in Monroe, Georgia
Website:  The website features the full version of the stories."

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