Walker Evans Exhibition at the High Museum in June

Great to see the Philip Gefter piece on Walker Evans last week in the New York Times, and big congratulations to our friends at The High Museum of Art for the forthcoming show in June, "Depth of Field". The exhibition at the High will be the only opportunity to see the show, stateside.


We took a look at the photo above ("Houses and Billboards in Atlanta, 1936." - Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art) in 2014 to see if we could ascertain the location. Answer, inconclusive!

"One Evans photograph, 'Houses and Billboards in Atlanta, 1936,' shows two identical wood-frame houses standing side by side behind a fence on which movie posters are lined up (like a news crawl in today’s television lingo); they advertise Anne Shirley in 'Chatterbox' and Carole Lombard in 'Love Before Breakfast.' The picture is a microcosm of the period in Atlanta — and in America — in 1936, one that puts the city today, with its gleaming towers, superhighways and electronic road signs, in dizzying relief."

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