PhotoViz, a new book from Nicholas Felton

Just learned about the upcoming release of designer Nicholas Felton's latest project, a book called PhotoViz, which sits squarely at the intersection of Photography & Data Visualization.

You might be aware of Felton's design work, like the Facebook timeline, or the Annual Report he releases every year about his own life. His reports are both brilliant & confounding, and it's exciting to see he's merged his appetite for design with the explosion of interest in photography.

Here's a GIF preview:

You might recognize photographer Mike Kelley's project on the cover:
mike_kelly© Mike Kelley

Or Boris Pophristov's pinhole solargraphs:
20160323_pophristov© Boris Pophristov
It's possible to make out a few other familiar projects in the preview. I recognize Pelle Cass' work in there. And it's hard to imagine a Larson/Shindelman's project didn't make the cut, especially their "Geolocation: Atlanta", an ACP Public Art project from 2012.

Here's a video worth watching of Nicholas Felton talking about the project (and more) last year in New Zealand:
It's also intriguing to see time-lapse-esque techniques appearing that Stephen Lawson has been exploring for decades, even before they could be done digitally. (Whoa, right?)

Last thing: I've definitely never seen light painting from a kayak paddle before (from Stephen Orlando).

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