Updates from Two ACP Board Members; Billy Howard & Jerry Atnip

We're always proud of our board members, especially when they make news; and we have two quick updates from this week. Billy Howard's photo project "Epitaphs for the Living: Words and Images in the Time of AIDS" is currently on view for researchers at Emory's Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, with an exhibition scheduled for 2017. (To make arrangements to view the collection, call 404-727-6887).

20160729_billy-howard© Billy Howard
“I was bowled over the first time I saw Billy’s photographs. They were so powerful,” says Randy Gue, curator of the Rose Library’s modern political and historical collections. “The combination of words and images put a face and story to an epidemic that is often described with statistics.”

Howard was the director of photographic services at Emory University during the time he worked on the project, and he says the support and encouragement he received, from then-Emory President James Laney to his direct supervisor and co-workers, was invaluable to the completion of the work.

“When I heard that Randy Gue was gathering materials to document Atlanta’s response to AIDS in the early years of the pandemic, I felt it was the perfect place,” Howard says. “It’s like they are going home.”"
And Jerry Atnip has been curating for Lenscratch this week, featuring the work of fellow Tennesseans; Jack Spencer, Rachel Boillot, Mike Smith, and Polly Chandler. Plus, there's an interview with Jerry about his project in which he's walking across the state of Tennessee. Bravo!

20160729_jerry_atnip © Jerry Atnip

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