ACP’s “Teen Spirit” Exhibition

We have a pop-up exhibition this year for "Teen Spirit" - photographs and writing from the patients at Egleston and Children's Health Care of Atlanta. Recently, Maura Friedman from Creative Loafing wrote this great piece about the program: "Looks like Teen Spirit."

"One cancer patient in a recent workshop was particularly nervous. Her bald head made her self-conscious about modeling. Demetrius coached her gently, taking photos of her hands and the details of her socks until she relaxed to take a more traditional portrait.

It's that personal empowerment that gives the whole project meaning to Adams.

'I'm at an age where if I have another photography show it's not going to change the world,' Adams, a 25-year fine art photography veteran, says. 'I want to do something that really takes photography into the world in a meaningful way and has impact and relationship involved in it.'"
The exhibition will be in the lobby at the Stephen Shore / Instagram panel discussion on Saturday, but it will not be on view at Mason Fine Art, per the box below. That's 2015's information, and it's incorrect.


Big thanks to Digital Arts Studio for creating these two panels that tell the stories of the kids who participate in this program. Thank you!



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