Marilyn Minter, at Zuckerman Museum of Art

As we begin the annual run-up to October's #acpfest, we thought it would be fun to gradually share info about a couple of artists whose work you might see this fall.

NYC-based artist Marilyn Minter currently has work on view at Kennesaw State University at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, in their "Gut Feelings" exhibition, open through May 7th.

"This exhibition brings together a group of contemporary artists in whose work food, feeding, and cooking are symbolic representations of exchanged emotion. Organized around main themes of abjection and desire; nourishment as power or control; and food as material of the body, Gut Feelings looks to food as a vessel for a wide range of relationships."
Ms. Minter also has an exhibition up at the Brooklyn Museum: Pretty/Dirty and has been in the news recently for being on the frontlines as an activist, organizing artists in response to our new political reality.

(Photo credits: top, "Orange Crush" 2009 © Marilyn Minter / Mike Jensen for the Zuckerman / Marilyn Minter and Marina Adams by Mark Sagliocco-Getty Images)

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