Cherie Truesdell attended ONE HUNDRED events & exhibitions in ACP 2016

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cherie Truesdell, who attended ONE HUNDRED events & exhibitions during ACP 2016. It's not just remarkable, it's nearly unbelievable!

(We didn't ask how many miles she put on her car...)

Cherie visited ACP venues across the Atlanta-metro area (plus Athens, Columbus, Zebulon, and beyond!) and along the way she kept track of everything in her dog-eared Festival Guide. If you're a completist, and you want to see as many photo-related events as possible, we'll be sharing Cheri's tips with you later in the year, but here's a quick few:

"Bring the Festival Guide with you, call ahead as much as possible, and bring snacks!"
A few more quotes about some of Cheri's favorite events:

"One of the really fun events was #weloveatl - everyone there was very fabulous and young and cool. Such a neat venue, with their truck and Lonnie Holley's sculpture next door.

And Marianne Mitchell's exhibition was so cool! It was a creepy, poetic exhibition and was fun and fantastic. I was really inspired.

The Portfolio Walk is so great, because the people are there and they'll tell you all about their work, and they're passionate about it, and people come in from New York and California, and some are local students."
We'll be back in touch with a few of Cheri's tips for enjoying #acpfest later this year.

Thank you, Cheri!

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