SAME DAY from Michael David Murphy / Thursday night, Fall Line Press

ACP's digital director, Michael David Murphy will be presenting a new body of work-in-progress, a photographic performance (a slideshow, of sorts) called SAME DAY. It's a one-night only event, built specifically for Thursday night, and will never be shown again in this form.

May 25th / 6:30pm reception & 7pm talk
Fall Line Press
675 Drewry Street, Suite 6. Atlanta, GA 30306
Facebook event page

"An ongoing work-in-progress, SAME DAY is a photographic performance for right now, a slideshow exploration at the crossroads of global politics and an American family. Looking for connections in the banality of the everyday, SAME DAY exercises at the edge of what’s believable, merging a personal, photographic archive with the ongoing unreality of state-sponsored espionage, thwarted investigations, and a hacked Presidential election."
(Ed note: MDM wrote this post!)

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